Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Welcome to Electrocool, Australia’s leading supplier of ice machines and water filter systems. As an authorised dealer for the world-leading Hoshizaki range of commercial ice makers and machines, Electrocool exists to meet the need of hospitality providers in Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney and throughout Australia for the local production of commercial quantities of ice.

As well as supplying ice makers to cinemas and professional hospitality providers throughout Australia, we have undertaken the challenge of satisfying the needs of remote mining operators for a robust source of cubed, flaked and crescented ice. And we have paid similar attention to the needs of hospitals, with a range of ice machines and makers tailored to their needs, and meeting their exacting standards of sterility. And we have auxiliary water filter systems that attach to our ice making machines to ensure the production of the purest of ice. As well as covering the need for ice production of up to 270 kg per day Electrocool also distributes Hoshizaki’s range of commercial fridges and freezers. These machines are designed to run reliably in challenging conditions with a minimum of maintenance. For all the products we sell we provide reliable maintenance and carry replacement supplies such as water filter cartridges. Take a moment to browse our product range – and when you want to know more about our ice making machines or water filters – just send us an enquiry.

Electrocool are the sole retailers for the durable Hoshizaki ice cube machines and dispensers. Based in Perth Electrocool have all your commercial ice cube machines, fridges and freezers for use in high intensity environments like in restaurants and mine sites.
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Port Kennedy, WA
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